About Us

DVT was established in February 1996 to service the rapidly expanding production, post production and visual effects markets. When the company first began, the New Zealand market did not have an independent supplier that could adequately integrate systems from different vendors. As the creative industry gathered momentum, so too did the number of vendors producing high quality digital content creation solutions, and the need for a reseller to provide the vital link in combining these different software and hardware systems was essential.

For the past twenty three years DVT has been working to support the growing demand for digital content creation solutions in New Zealand. The company comprises three main divisions – production, post production and visual effects – and works with leading organisations in the communication, broadcast and entertainment industries. Its solutions stem from a diverse range of the world’s most respected technology vendors including Autodesk, Adobe, Apple, HP, Sony and Panasonic.

DVT’s value proposition is that it provides a total solution for our clients – so whether someone is looking for production, post production, visual effects, software or hardware, DVT can tailor a solution to meet client specific needs.

Since its beginnings, DVT has focused on three key objectives – to bring to New Zealand a variety of cutting-edge technological solutions in the video, broadcast and entertainment area; to thoroughly understand its clients’ business needs in order to present the best possible solution; and to do so providing a high degree of consultation, service, training and support.

Today, DVT maintains this focus and successfully services a diverse target market. Video editing clients produce everything from corporate, product and training videos through to more advanced drama, documentary and short film productions. Visual effects clients use tools from DVT for web development, design, production, TV commercials and feature films.